Kiraz dans Playboy

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  • images/playboy001.jpg|Gorgeous||1
  • images/playboy003.jpg|My wife has red hair too, but I must say the resemblance ends there|1|1
  • images/playboy005.jpg|I beg your pardon, it's your turn|1|1
  • images/playboy007.jpg|I suggest we go to my place and play another mixed doubles|1|1
  • images/playboy009.jpg|This is entirely my creation. It's my idea, my layout, and it's my ass|1|1
  • images/playboy011.jpg|This is Cindy, my roommate, but don't worry she promised to spend the night out|1|1
  • images/playboy013.jpg|Here is that little creep who wants to pay for it with his drawings.|1|1
  • images/playboy015.jpg|Can I have a print for my diver's license ?|1|1
  • images/playboy017.jpg|This is the deal - If you can give me an orgasm, I'll give you back 100 bucks|1|1
  • images/playboy019.jpg|I'ts time to go to bed, Franz, you have a lifetime to finish that symphony|1|1
  • images/playboy021.jpg|Our place or yours ?|1|1
  • images/playboy023.jpg|I am a very happily married man so, please, Angela, do to cut the string with your teeth.|1|1
  • images/playboy025.jpg|Room 422. It's an emenrgency|1|1
  • images/playboy027.jpg|Are you sure this will make people eat more spaghetti ?|1|1
  • images/playboy029.jpg|Ican't remember what the captain asked me to tell you|1|1
  • images/playboy031.jpg|I called for help, but I changed my mind|1|1
  • images/playboy033.jpg|Happy Darling ?|1|
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